Poverty and Homeless: Join the team that makes a change

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought about an increasing population of poverty stricken and homeless people around the world, no doubt! Due to the economic recession, loss of jobs and investments, many have been forced to live without food and shelter in our communities. Although the causes of poverty and homelessness are not limited to these, such other problems as mental illness, domestic violence, addiction have rendered people homeless and poor. And today they’re are over a million homeless people in the U.S alone, and more in other parts of the world. Whatever the cause may be, poor and homeless people, including; men, veterans, seniors women and children deserve our care and support. More then ever before, our collective effort is required to fight these twin epidemic. Before now, these problems have received little attention while the victims are neglected and sometimes discriminated. But the time has come for us to rise to the situation by raising awareness and coming up with initiatives to restore happiness and hope into the lives of the victims of these epidemic.

You may be wondering how you can help. Trust me, you’re little effort will go a long way in putting smile on the face of someone and possibly an entire family. The simple act of recognising those living in poverty and homelessness around you is a great contribution to the course. Mind you, not every of these people wear torn clothes but we all know they exist in our communities.

Here at Our Heart Beats Together, we are embarking on a music project titled “Our Heart Beats Together Song”. Maryanne Mcmullen CEO The Next Music Generation and Ricko Baird ,a Los Angeles artist are currently working together to produce the song.

The objective is to raise people’s awareness about the problem of poverty and homelessness in our communities and to encourage everyone to join on in the task for change. We must do everything within our power to impact our world by supporting the poor and homeless. We are by this inviting you to be a part of our project, a part of the change. We are currently receiving submissions of videos from all interested individuals who wish to make a positive change in they’re society and the world over. To be a part of this project, all you need to do is send us a video of you describing what poverty and homelessness looks like around you as well as stating you’re personal experience or that of those you know around you. 

Tell us how you feel about the situation and what you wish to be done to end poverty and homelessness in our world.

You can also make creative videos in the form of music, dance, painting, etc., that depict the problem and solutions to homelessness and poverty. It is our hope that by this awareness, we are able to sensitising the world about the problems of poverty and homelessness. We encourage everyone to rise to the situation by taking actions that end this epidemic. That action starts with you.

Send you’re videos to this email: info@ohbtproject.org 

We also welcome talented individuals and artists from around the world who wish to be a part of this project and to collaborate with us. Kindly reach out to us at Our Heart Beats Together. 

Every effort counts.