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Homeless communities can be categorized based on the circumstances of the people as it is a global issue. The community cannot be categorized by ethnicity or religion but by the living state/province of the people. The homeless community can be geographically but depends merely on the circumstances and the living state of the people.  

The members of the community are the people who are unable to have regular, and suitable residence or the people living in public/private shelter houses designed to provide temporary shelter with food and necessities as well as a public-private place hogged by homeless peopleAnother type of homelessness is a type of person who is couch surfing, meaning moving in with friends or family temporarily. People with no permanent address are also members of this community (Institute of Medicine, 1988). 

The role people play in this community can be categorized in people who are forced to be homeless due to their poverty and lack of living facilities Secondly some people choose to be homeless because of their addiction to a substance like drugs, alcohol and are not motivated to work on themselves or to improve their living conditions. They are dependent on the living facilities provided by the government. 

Poverty is the major cause of being a homeless person. Homeless people have a lot of concerns that they can solve. All of these problems are poverty. They may not have the resources to supply them with lodging and food. Many of them do not have jobs and find it impossible to get jobs. He goes back to the fact that they are not able to get jobs, which suggests that they do not have sources of income. Owing to a lack of schooling, most organizations and corporations do not accept them. The community of homeless people has the support of the government and some social workers who support provide them with basic facilities (Alowaimer, 2018). 

I am a part of a society in which there is a huge amount of homeless communities living on streets with proper shelter and necessities. I have seen this community very closely as there is no suitable residences provided for them by the government and they are involved in illegal activities like robbery, drugs. As a responsible individual of a society, it is my duty to observe other communities living around me and to talk about their basic rights and the threat they possess to society.  

It has a ripple effect throughout the community. It impacts on the availability of healthcare resources, crime and safety, the workforce, and the use of tax dollars, and all the members of the community are affected by this. The economic situation of the country is affected by the taxes used to provide for the homeless community.  

The situation of the homeless communities during the covid-19 pandemic is making their lives more difficult as they have less protective equipment and are at high risk of severe illness due to their living conditions and the transmission rate Is high. The shelter homes are made for the homeless and medical funds are provided for the homeless to help them in this critical time (CDC, 2020). 

The community needs to address the issue as they are people of the society and they have the right to have the basic needs for themselves. These people posses a threat to the community because of their illegal activities e.g., robbery, drugs, and kidnapping moreover they are a burden on the economic situation of the country as a huge amount of money is used to provide them with health care facilities and shelter homes (Caring Works). 

The issue of homeless people is one of the major issues of the society as this matter requires the attention of the government, social workers, and every individual of the society so that the living situation of the homeless people could be improved. 

Homelessness is a global phenomenon that had affected the entire world. Even the superpower countries like the USA, China, Russia, etc have this problem arising which has only been made worse by the recent events of covid-19. The worldwide recession caused by this calamity has transgressed into a world-wide depression which has not only left all of the countries and communities in distress but has made it essential for all of them to be allies to compensate for the loss of jobs and homes for people if they wish to control the rising poverty level.  

The skills and strengths we can offer to the community in addressing the issue is the need for proper motivation to resolve the problem. We will suggest the government build a training institute that will teach them new skills, as well as free education, should be provided to children. 

The home-less community has its strength and power. They are supported by the government for their healthcare and living support is given to them. The political parties use them for gaining votes. The strength of homeless people includes their skills and their unity to work as a group. Homeless people are capable interact with challenging circumstances, adopting a human agency focus rooted in the constructionist model of resilience (Benjamin and Maryann, 2016). 

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