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Homelessness is a significant issue faced by many countries globally and is the primary cause of mental disorders among people. A home is not just an area of earth, but a safe place to be oneself and where one feels freedom. Canada is also one of those countries facing significant issues of homeless people who get mentally ill afterward. The reasons for the increased ratio of mentally ill people in Canada include its lost culture, in which individuals have to leave their homes after a specific age or maybe due to some other factors such as hierarchy or strong friendships etc. (Philipps, 2012)

Mental illness and homelessness are interrelated to each other. Homelessness may be the cause of mental disorders, and mental illness may be the cause of someone’s homelessness. It is stated that mentally ill people due to homelessness are more generous than other mentally ill people. Homelessness is affecting the mental health of youngsters as well as old-age people. 

Filtering the mentally ill homeless people from others:

Although many people facing mental illness should keep in mind that homelessness is not always the reason for people’s mental illness. These mental disorders may be the cause of some other problems as well. We can differentiate the mentally ill homeless people from others by opting some of the following ways:

  • If you see someone who blames himself/ herself for every situation and perceives the situations negatively, he/ she may be mentally ill due to homelessness. We should address them adequately to help them.
  • Most mentally ill homeless people faced schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, severe depression, extreme anxiety, and substance abuse. Moreover, such people have the worst coping capabilities and lower self-esteem to filter the mentally ill homeless people by observing these disorders in them and addressing them. (Tarr, 2018)
  • We can also conduct research-based strategies by raising awareness among them and letting them fill questionnaires honestly. We can also conduct experiments in different areas to spot mentally ill people. 

Procedures to be opted by the government to treat mental illness:

Mental illness is a significant issue and is increasing day by day. As we know, mental illness may lead to physical health problems such as anxiety, and severe stress can lead to chronic diseases of the heart and lungs, so the governments should stop it by making effective strategies for developing their nations. We can opt for the following procedures to cope up with this issue in an effective way: 

  • First of all, Canada’s government should introduce a proficient housing scheme and provides shelters to the people. 
  • The government should sell the houses to working- women or men at low prices to buy quickly. 
  • The government should make rehabilitation centers, which are always there to assist mentally ill homeless people so that they can work speedily for their betterment towards a healthy lifestyle. 
  • The government should provide easy access to the rent houses for common civilians and the rents should be affordable for common people

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