Write to my government

As part of our effort to amplify the advocacy for the eradication of homelessness and poverty, we will continue to write and urge the government at all levels to be more concerned about the well-being of the people at this trying time. We urge the government to respond immediately to the housing and homelessness crisis in our communities. We also encourage individuals and groups within various communities to join the advocacy by writing to the MPP about the homelessness issues being experienced in their communities. You can write to your MPP or government official when you, or people living in your area, are faced with the problem of homelessness. The MPP represents all the people in their communities, whether they vote for them or not.

How to Write to my MPP or Government Official?

You can Write a letter to your MPP at:…address Or Email them using the contact details in our Directory of MPP. Remember, always include your own address when you write to your MPP so that they will know you live in their constituency. You can also contact them on telephone or other social media platforms

Will I get a response?
Yes you will. The MPP and government officials are your representatives and their primary duty is to ensure the welfare of the citizens in their constituency is catered for.
How long will it take to respond?
MPP receive a large amount of correspondence, so cannot always reply immediately. But you should get
a response within two weeks or fourteen (14) working days.
Will I received a response by email /phone/ mail?
Once your letter have been acknowledged and treated, you will be contacted via the address you submit in your letter.
If I don’t get a response who can I follow up with?
If you haven’t heard back from them after about two weeks, you should follow up your email or letter with a phone call, or make an appointment at relevant government office in your community. You can as well contact us to assist with your request. I would like to add a template letter for people to download and they can email to the MPP.