Hazelle Palmer Interview Downtown East Toronto Ontario Health

Maryanne McMullen, the CEO of The Next Music Generation (TNMG) advocates for

homelessness and poverty.

McMullen is passionate about bringing transparency and equality to the healthcare system as she

stands with the communities with the most need. She is serving the community as a member of

Downtown East Toronto Ontario Health Team (DETOHT) and working to bring positive change

through her continuous efforts.

She has her project called 'Our heart beats together’. It is a non-profit, non-governmental

Organization that works for the betterment of the community.

Hazelle Palmer, chair of the Downtown East Toronto Ontario Health Team (DETOHT) group of

health and social service partners who work for the health of the community around Toronto. She

has been fulfilling all her responsibility in the best way possible. Hazelle, through her diverse

knowledge, has been leading the Downtown East Toronto Ontario Health Team (DETOHT) and

helping people who have escaped harsh environments and do not want to live in shelter houses.

She is always eager to work with other organizations working in the Downtown east area so they

can also have a more significant impact.

Basic Care for everyone

Hazelle highlighted the two main issues facing the community: homelessness and mental health.

She added that these are the very basic, and every individual deserves to have them. Also, a

housing issue in the Downtown ECE area needs to be resolved so that everyone who needs

shelter can live peacefully. Food insecurity is another issue. Downtown East Toronto Ontario

Health Team (DETOHT) , as a healthcare team, is not merely focused on the specific healthcare

services; they are doing more than that, including accommodating the people who do not want to

live in shelter houses.

Maryanne, a member of the community advisory council, works directly with the people who

need help. As she has lived a similar experience, she can better understand and serve the

community. Also, getting feedback and listening to their problems help them understand the

situation best.

Three years plan of the Downtown East Toronto Ontario Health Team


The Downtown East Toronto Ontario Health Team (DETOHT) , is working to serve people and

cater to their needs individually rather than making them fit in the same box. Significant changes

take time, so a few years are not enough. It takes a long and continuous effort to change

something at a more considerable level. In the next three years, Downtown East Toronto Ontario

Health Team (DETOHT) aims to provide better and more services to those who need them. But

also expand the network by collaborating with other organizations so that they can make a more

significant impact collectively.

Providing services is not enough to know the effectiveness of any program. It must be ensured

that the work an organization or a team is doing benefits the people around it. This cannot be

estimated without getting feedback from the ordinary people of the community because, anyhow,

the health service/shelter providers are accountable for what they do for the betterment of the


Limited resources make the Downtown East Toronto Ontario Health Team (DETOHT) consider

collaborating with another professional who can bring something to the table through their

knowledge or lived experience. Because a single organization may (indeed) not have

professionals who can do everything in the best way, people from other organizations like

Maryanne can help bring change in the community.

How do Downtown East Toronto Ontario Health Team (DETOHT) values

match with the program ‘Our heart beats together.’

Toronto is a diverse city. It welcomes people from diverse backgrounds to come and live

together. In such a city, the solutions to problems like homelessness, poverty, mental health

problems, and food insecurity should be general enough to accommodate everyone regardless of

gender, race, color, background, religion, or any other thing.

'Our hearts beat together' works on the exact principle of treating people equally without

discrimination. It works to bring transparency and equality in the social serving departments.

Still, there are a lot of gaps between what is done and what should be done. So, that’s not

possible to do as a single organization. Diverse professionals can serve the community in a better

way because different people have different experiences and knowledge to share and use.

The city-run program and the interior health counselled Community Program

The city program offers services and help at a broader level and is not for a single community or

area of Toronto. The programs at such a larger level cannot serve/cover the individual needs of

the people as best as the interior health counseled community can because people (from the same

community) can understand others from the same community well.

People do not always need help or healthcare; they sometimes need people to talk to. So, that can

only be done on a community level as the community advisory council is already there. There

should be more drives that can involve more and more people from the community and then can

serve them.

Wrap up!

Downtown East Toronto Ontario Health Team (DETOHT) and Our Heart Beats Together

(OHBT) are working to bring change to the community by serving the homeless and people with

mental health issues. They both can work together in a better way to make this program more

effective. As serving the community is essential, so does getting feedback from them.

Community advisory council members play a significant role as they connect with the suffering

people directly. Expanding the council to involve more community members can also play a

significant role in changing the community.

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